About Us

Our Mission
Availability of Big Data in biomedical sciences has offered unprecedented opportunities for researchers in both academia and industry. At the same time, it is challenging the current methods and tools on analyzing and mining such data. Being able to use Big Data more effectively is becoming a differentiator for businesses as well as individual scientists. At Insilicom, we are developing an innovative platform to help researchers more effectively use Big Data to accelerate their research and development efforts.

Our platform: Biomedical Knowledge Discovery Engine (BioKDE)
BioKDE is a platform for scientists to cope with the big data challenges arising in biomedical field in recent years. BioKDE offers both integrated data and tools. We continuously add more integrated data to our database. BioKDE offers a wide variety of statistical and computational tools for visualization, data analysis and data mining. Complex pipelines can be built starting from your own data or data on our server. We are making novel discoveries using BioKDE and publish the results to demonstrate its power.

Our Team
Insilicom team comprises members with diverse expertise in computational biology, computer science, statistics, entrepreneurship and business development.