At Insilicom, our scientists are actively involved in research. Currently, our research focus is on cancer. We are working on the following areas:

  1. Cancer health disparity. It is well known that different race groups have different incidence and motality rate even social economic status is taken into account. Many researchers have observed that different race groups have genetic differences that may be related to their health disparity in cancer. We have been working on this area and have identified several interesting genes and non-coding RNAs that may not only explain the observed health disparity between African American and Caucasian American breast cancer patients, but also shed light on potential biomarkers for diagnosis and targets for drug development[1]. We are currently extending this research to other cancer types and other race groups.
  2. Personalized cancer therapy. We have identified a set of genes that can serve as biomarkers for predicting the response of breast cancer patients to commonly used chemotherapies. The genes are being tested in a clinical trial at our collaborative institute, SYSUCC.
  3. Function inference and target identification based on big data. We are developing tools utilizing the big data available in recent years to understand cancer at cellular and system level. One tool we are developing is a new method for Bayesian network structure inference, which has wide applications in systems biology of cancer. For example, it can be used to infer gene regulatory networks in cells given certain high-throughput experimental data of the system. Together with our text mining technology, we are offering a service where we can help our customers understand the function of a particular genetic or epigenetic element much better than other alternative approaches.