Jinfeng Zhang

Jinfeng Zhang, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Jinfeng has more than 10 years of research experience in bioinformatics, data analysis and data mining. Jinfeng has a strong multi-disciplinary training in several scientific fields including chemistry, mathematics, computer science, statistics, and biology. Jinfeng has been working on cancer genomics and personalized medicine, as well as biomdical big data integration and mining in the past few years. His education includes a PhD in Bioinformatics, a MS in Computer Science and a MS in chemistry from University of Illinois at Chicago.

Jinfeng is a faculty member of the statistics department at Florida State University and is very experienced in technology startups and commercializing research discoveries made in academia. He has founded Pevals LLC to commercialize a novel approach for peer-reviews and Insilicom LLC (CEO, 2012-) to commercialize discoveries in bioinformatics made in his lab.

Rajesh Chowdhary

Rajesh Chowdhary, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

Rajesh has a number of years of experience in leading and conducting collaborative scientific research projects in machine learning, healthcare and genomics. He was awarded a number of research grants while he worked for several years as a faculty scientist at Marshfield Clinic, WI. Rajesh was a research fellow at Harvard University. Education includes a PhD in Computer Science from NUS, Singapore; a MS from Imperial College, UK; and a BTech from IIT Bombay, India.

Xiaodong (Sheldon) Pang

Xiaodong (Sheldon) Pang, PhD

Chief Technology Officer

Sheldon is specialized in data analysis and algorithm development wiht an excellent background in Statistics, Bioinformatics, Computational Chemistry, Math, and Physics along with solid programming skills. Sheldon received his Ph.D in Biophysics from Fudan University. His prior research includes protein-protein interaction, drug design and cancer genomics and published 20+ peer-reviewed papers in the field of biophysics and bioinformatics.

Yuchuan Tao

Yuchuan Tao, PhD

Web Developer

Yuchuan has strong backgrond and extensive experience in web development, data analysis, and machine learning. Yuchuan received his Ph.D in Chemistry and a MS in Computer Science from Florida State University. Yuchuan also has many years of research experiences in Materials and Computational Chemistry.