BioKDE (Biomedical Knowledge Discovery Engine) is a platform for scientists to cope with the big data challenges arising in biomedical field in recent years. BioKDE offers both integrated data and tools. Currently the integrated data are mainly in oncology area. More data will be added in other biomedical areas in the future. We offer a wide variety of statistical and computational tools for visualization, data analysis, modeling and predictions. Complex pipelines can be built starting from your own data or data on the server. You can browse through the tools on the left panel of the tool page to get an idea on the tools we offer. Below is a guide in a decision tree format to help users to decide the best tool to use.

To use or not to use? - A decision tree of tools

Following Galaxy project's design philosophy, all the tool interfaces were designed so that users without a good understanding of the theories and how the tools were implemented can use them as long as they understand the input and output, which are always necessary for using a particular tool. Despite that philosophy, given the large number of tools provided on our platform, even experienced users may get confused on which tool or tools to choose for their tasks. We created a decision tree for users to find the right tools by answering a series of questions. You can search a tool using the search box on the top of the tool panel on the left. On each tool page, there is also more detailed documentation on the usage of the tool. The tools without links in the decision tree below are being developed at the moment. Please check back or sign up for our email list to get notifications when they are ready.