About Us

Insilicom provides solutions enabled by advanced AI techniques to harness the power of Big Data to accelerate research and development efforts in both industry and academia. We specialize in document retrieval, information extraction, knowledge management, and knowledge discovery using knowledge graph-based AI algorithms.

Our Products

BioKDE: A Deep Learning Powered Biomedical Knowledge Discovery Engine

We provide advanced literature search and knowledge discovery tools using deep learning and knowledge graph based methods.

  • Outperforming other search engines
  • Visualizing information in scientific articles using interactive knowledge graphs
  • Powerful and versatile relation search tool

iPV: An AI-powered pharmacovigilance platform

AI-powered drug adverse event literature monitoring system that reduces your workload by at least 10 folds compared to manual review of relevant literature.

  • Expert-level extraction of drug adverse event information from PubMed literature
  • Free for individual pharmacovigilance scientists to manage up to three drugs
  • API for automated, programmatic access and bulk searches